SAMSUNG HERA W9 ultrasound

The SAMSUNG HERA W9 reinvents the field of ultrasound imaging with its Crystal Architecture ™ technology. Enhanced 2D image processing enhanced by the use of 3D and color mode (CrystalLive ™). Exceptionally accurate harmonic imaging explained by the use of CrystalBeam ™ technology. The HERA I10, will provide you with quality diagnostics.

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Dimensions 1,345~1,695mm x 598 mm x 997 mm
Weight 132 kg


CrystalBeam ™ technology takes your imaging to a new level with its arbitrary waveform transmission, massive parallel beamforming and combined synthetic aperture technology. The image frequency is accelerated giving a smooth and accurate image.

Thought to surpass your expectations and already existing expert techniques for women’s health. CrystalLive ™ technology offers multiple benefits: gain superior imaging quality by removing shadowing, existing blur and better definition of tissue boundaries. A color Doppler allowing a three-dimensional visualization of blood flow (LumiFlow ™). A highlighting of the microvascularized structures of the slowest flows thanks to a power Doppler (MV-Flow ™). CrystalLive ™ brings together all the technology you need.

Other options available on the SAMSUNG HERA W9 ultrasound scanner:

  • HeartAssist ™
  • ViewAssist ™
  • Uterine Contour
  • BiometryAssist ™
  • Slice A
  • 5D CNS+ ™
  • 5D Limb Vol. ™
  • MPI+
  • 5D Heart™

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