SAMSUNG HS50 Ultrasound

The SAMSUNG HS50 is versatile, ideal for general imaging, it proves its effectiveness in particular in the various options designed for women and their well-being. To fulfill this mission: the Crystal Clear Cycle ™, a solution that aims to categorize in six stages The different episodes of health in women to offer solutions in line with their ailments:

  • The good progress of a pregnancy (biometric point of view)
  • The good progress of a pregnancy (diagnosis)
  • The proper course of a pregnancy (fetal visualization)
  • The health of the newborn
  • Health from a gynecological and mammary point of view
  • Family organization


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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Dimensions 1,335 ~ 1,710 mm x 530 mm x 750 mm
Weight 100 Kg


With technologies that detect the risk of infertility, you will be able to obtain status information during controlled ovarian simulation (2D Follicle ™). By measuring multiple ovarian follicles, an accurate assessment of follicle size and condition during gynecological examinations.

In order to ensure the best fetal imaging, the 5D NT ™, allows the practitioner to automatically acquire the median sagittal plane. An effective solution in complicated situations involving the fetal position.

Reassuring parents is a priority. With the LaborAssist ™ option, it is now possible to follow the progress of the delivery by AoP measurement and fetal head direction. A 3D function with RealisticVue ™ technology that provides a superior image and details of the anatomical structure of the fetus as well as a better depth perception.

A technology but also a remarkable ergonomics. Like the  le HS70A with Prime, the SAMSUNG HS50 ultrasound scanner has infinite customization of your interface as well as your console is possible: Comparison view screen, saved and predefined protocols as you wish, choice of your field of view via the different screen display modes. A fully adjustable console and system to be as close as possible to the patient.

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