SAMSUNG HS70A with Prime Ultrasound

Like the SAMSUNG V7, the SAMSUNG HS70A with Prime has a wide range of technologies. Performing with its preventive action options, this ultrasound scanner will provide you with exceptional imaging thanks to its advanced measurement tools improving the resolution, penetration, but also the uniformity of your images. With its CEUS+ technology that reflects both base frequencies and harmonic signals, enjoy a clear view of vessels and blood flow to bring the best diagnosis to the patient.

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Type of ultrasound
Application , , , , , , , ,
Dimensions 1,430 – 1,710 mm x 557mm x 791 – 860 mm
Weight 99.4 Kg


This ultrasound machine is getting into women’s health with features that can measure pulses in the surrounding carotid artery to provide an assessment of thyroid lesions (E-thyroid ™). The S-Detect ™ technology provides semi-automatic classification of suspicious thyroid lesions. This feature ensures reliability and consistency in your patients’ diagnosis.

Because you are concerned about the future condition of your patients, the SAMSUNG HS70A with Prime ultrasound scanner provides preventive technologies: Early detection of cardiovascular diseases (Arterial Analysis ™), observation of the left ventricle and possible dyssynchrony (Strain+) .

An efficiency that is reflected in its ergonomics. Quick and intuitive presetting allowing to predefine different applications or frequently used probes. Options such as EZ-Exam+ ™ which saves the most requested protocols in one button.

10.1-inch touchscreen coupled with a second 23-inch HD LED backlit display accentuating image contrast. A fully customizable console so that each practitioner can adapt it to their environment.

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