SAMSUNG HS60 Ultrasound

With its advanced imaging technology, the SAMSUNG HS60, delivers razor-sharp images. With its HQ-Vision ™ technology, make your ultrasounds clear and visible for impeccable diagnostic quality. Perfect for general imaging, it will adapt to the rarest and most difficult cases with its advanced imaging technologies:

  • MV-Flow 
  •  ClearVision
  •  S-Flow 
  •  S-Harmonique 
  •  LumiFlow 
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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Dimensions 1,335 ~ 1,710mm x 530 mm x 750 mm
Weight 79.8 Kg


Designed to give you the best possible exams. Find a whole range of advanced functions to simplify and increase the quality of your ultrasound applications. With the SAMSUNG HS60 ultrasound scanner, measuring the global and segmental movement of the left ventricular wall is possible (Strain+). Preventing chronic liver-related diseases is feasible with the ElastoScan ™ technology that performs an elasticity examination.

Other features available on The HS60:

  • StressEcho
  • E-Strain ™

Conscious of female wellness, the S-Detect ™ technology provides an in-depth analysis of the thyroid as well as any lesions seen during a thyroid ultrasound. The same is true for breast-type ultrasounds.

From the same range as the HS50. The HS60 ultrasound scanner is fully configurable and intuitive. Creation of predefined protocols according to your applications. A split screen option, for a better comparison of exams, as well as a 10 inch screen fully touchable, allowing you to fluidify your routine controls.

Other features for a global optimization of your ultrasound scanner:

  • Measure Navigation
  • QuickPreset
  • WideScreen

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