SAMSUNG RS80 EVO Ultrasound

Delivering outstanding imaging quality, the SAMSUNG RS80 EVO ultrasound scanner enables a variety of applications. Superior imaging explained by the integration of advanced technologies promoting the reduction of artifacts and noise (S-Harmonic™). Find other ultrasound scanners of the SAMSUNG brand.

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Additional information

Dimensions 1.400 ~ 1.710 mm x 560 mm x 980 mm
Weight 134 Kg


With its HQ-Vision™ technology quadrupling the spatial resolution, get a clear and precise structure on the screen to distinguish even the finest detail. Designed to give you the most reliable and consistent diagnoses, the MV-Flow™, gives detailed visual access to the micro-vascularity without being impacted by the tissue around it.

Other features available on the SAMSUNG RS80 EVO ultrasound scanner:

  • ArterialAnalysis™
  • S-3D ArterialAnalysis™
  • S-Detect™ for Breast
  • S-Detect™ for Thyroid

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