Toshiba Xario 200 Platinum

The Toshiba Xario 200 Platinum remains one of the most affordable Toshiba systems. It supports many smart features that come from the Toshiba Aplio range. It is designed to support a wide range of applications, slightly better than the Toshiba Xario 100 Platinum.
This ultrasound scanner is in the medium range. With high-end options such as harmonic imaging and elastography-FLR, it has gained greater recognition among the healthcare workforce.

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Type of ultrasound
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Weight 75kg
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The Xario 200 Platinum can be used both as a general and a specialised system. It is compatible with 28 probe models, so it has a wide range of applications from cardiology to paediatrics, transvaginal, headache and small organs.
It shares the same platform as the Xario 100 Platinum. Although the standard configuration, the Xario 200 Platinum offers more options.

The Toshiba Xario 200 Platinum is an ultrasound scanner with many high-end features. Examples include its Doppler quality, Auto-NT and luminance. It also offers CHI (Contrast Harmonic Imaging), Panoramic View, 4D images, Differential THI and many others.
For the cardiac application, this system is equipped with CW and Stress Echo. It also offers a full range of cardiac transducers, pencil leads and transesophageal leads specifically for adults.

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