MINDRAY TE5 Ultrasound

Designed specifically for anesthesiologists, the MINDRAY TE5 is however suitable for all practitioners looking for efficiency and simplicity in their work methods. A 15-inch interface completely tactile and intuitive allowing you to organize your work plan according to your days. MINDRAY puts a point of honor on health safety. Resistant to chemical agents and disinfectant, you don’t have to worry about cleaning and disinfecting your ultrasound scanner. Other MNDRAY ultrasound scanners : TE7 ACEDC-80A series

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Dimensions 128±10 mm × 410±10 mm ×517±10 mm
Weight ≤ 9 kg


The MINDRAY TE5 ultrasound scanner is designed to facilitate your daily operations with various advanced features. The eSpacial NaviTM and iNeedle+TM tools will focus on safe needle guidance. With its eSpacial NaviTM technology, it will focus on bevel position and needle alignment. Anticipating a trajectory before the needle is inserted will no longer be a problem, nor will guiding the needle.

A clear and understandable image is key during an ultrasound. The iNeedle+TM technology will exponentially increase the image quality, making the needle visible during the analysis. With its advanced algorithm, it will be able to precisely target the position/angle of the needle.

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