MINDRAY M6 Portable Ultrasound

With the objective of designing a portable ultrasound scanner that can keep up with the daily pace of a practitioner, the MINDRAY M6 was born to ensure your routine checks and medical emergencies. Offering many applications, this ultrasound scanner is multi-task: pediatrics, musculoskeletal, small organs, peripheral vascular, abdominal and fetal.

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Dimensions 361 mm × 357 mm × 75 mm
Weight 6.6 Kg


Its various advanced technologies will give you access to unparalleled imaging. The iBeam™ system will improve the contrast resolution and depth field of your ultrasound scans by scanning multiple layers that are later digitized. The HR Flow™ solution will be a preferred tool for unsealing microscopic vessels and complex flow patterns. Ever sharper imaging on screen with iClear™ technology automatically detecting structures.

Advanced technologies combine with its ergonomics: lightweight and easy to carry, don’t count your images with its large hard drive capacity. Alternate your supports as you wish with its exclusively designed cart with an integrated handle.

The different options available on the MINDRAY M6 portable ultrasound scanner :

  • Smart Track
  • iStationTM
  • iZoomTM
  • iStorage™
  • iRoam™
  • MedSight

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