Portable Ultrasound MINDRAY M8

Portable ultrasound, the MINDRAY M8 offers a wide range of applications: abdominal, pediatric, small organs, musculoskeletal, transesophageal, neonatal. Useful in your daily work as a clinician, it will improve your diagnoses with its harmonic inversion imaging technology and its DSP processor boosting the calculation and integration performance of your system. Other MINDRAY ultrasound scanners: Resona 7, Resona I9

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Dimensions 362±5 mm × 390±5 mm × 59±3 mm
Weight < 6.5 Kg
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Recognized as a new generation color Doppler ultrasound scanner, the M8 provides accurate diagnoses with high sensitivity to blood flow. With its plane wave transmission, see multiple details on your images using B and C modes. Compact and practical in all circumstances, it adapts to your environment and your space.

The different modes of the MINDRAY M8 portable ultrasound scanner :

  • B mode
  • Color mode
  • Power mode
  • Doppler mode
  • TDI
  • Power wave
  • Color Wave
  • Elastography
  • LVO

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