With a large number of customizable settings, the ACUSON NX3 is designed to streamline your work and improve the quality of your examinations. With a faster system than the first generation of ultrasound scanners, the ACUSON NX3 will assist you in many of your clinical diagnostics: abdominal, cardiac, musculoskeletal, gynecological/obstetrical, vascular and urological. Siemens offers us an intuitive and ergonomic ultrasound scanner, a characteristic found in the Acuson Sequoia and the Acuson Juniper.

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Size 149cm x 54 cm x 92cm


The ACUSON NX3 enhances your productivity with a wide range of controls including a 28% reduction in manual entry. Featuring Clarify™ technology, this ultrasound scanner will provide high-resolution imaging that reduces noise and artefacts during your vascular exams. The ACUSON NX3 is even more powerful when linked to its range of scalable probes. With the VF12-4 or the EC10-5w, you will see your acquisition fields increase and your final diagnostics improved.

Designed to follow you in your daily life and adapt to your needs. It will ensure you a comfort in its handling, but also visual. Equipped with one of the largest screens of its group, 21.5 inches, functions such as color Doppler and 4D imaging will only be better on the screen.

These probes are compatible with the ACUSON NX3 :
16 MHz

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