Toshiba Xario 100 Platinum

The Toshiba Xario 100 Platinum is a compact, feature-rich system. It is in an economical price range that extends to the higher quality Xario 200 Platinum.
The Xario 100 Platinum is designed to support a wide range of applications from women’s health, to radiology, to anaesthesia and urology. It can be used as a general ultrasound scanner or as a specialised ultrasound scanner depending on the software installed. It can support 28 different transducers, which also allows for this wide range of applications.

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Weight 75kg
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The Xario 100 Platinum features a 19″ LCD touch screen, CD/DVD drive, wide view and also ApliPureTM and printer mountings.

The Xario 100 Platinum replaces the Xario XG since 2007 with the Xario 200 Platinum. These scanners have become more stable and reliable after revisions and innovations. Several options are available to users of this ultrasound scanner, including CHI (Contrast Harmonic Imaging), CW, Dynamic FlowTM and Protocol Assistant.

In addition to all these options, the Xario 100 Platinum supports at least 28 transducers, ranging from micro convex to linear, convex, transesophageal and pencil. Among these transducers, 5 of them allow different improvements as in biopsy and radiology. Some are even motorised probes dedicated to in-depth women’s health applications.

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